A Lot of Scrap Copper on the Property


When my husband purchased a piece of property with several outbuildings on it, he was mainly interested in tearing them all down and rebuilding on it. Because of that, he didn’t even look at the outbuildings, knowing they were coming down. After the sale, he went out to look at everything, and he was surprised at the amount of copper in one of the buildings. I asked him how much is copper worth per pound when he told me, because I figured it was high since he was pretty excited about it.

He was not sure how much it was, but he knew that copper was one of the higher priced scrap metals just from things he had been reading about in the past. We have a few scrap metal dealers around us, and there are some a few counties over too. He asked me to find out prices from all of them, because it might just be worth it to load it all and take it further if another scrap metals dealer is going to offer more money than what one of the local dealers may offer for the same thing.

Rather than call each one, I went to a website where I was able to get the prices for all the ones in our area. Actually, I was able to get it for the entire state, which was helpful since we are pretty much smack dab in the middle of the state we live in. I was able to see what all of the scrap metal dealers in the area were offering for copper as well as other metals, and I was happy to see that one of the dealers closest to us was offering the best prices. We ended up making a nice profit from it, one that we were not expecting at all!