I Can Not Get This to Work


I have been doing this sort of thing since I was in junior high school. Back then I only had a push mower and a weed trimmer, both of which belonged to my Dad. Once I got old enough to drive I bought an old Ford pick up truck and a used lawn tractor, Now I have three trucks and close to a dozen people working for me. Right now I am going to start trying to figure out how to use this paystub generator software, because I have been thinking that I need to help the workers to keep up with what they are making.from me. It is not that complicated from looking at it, but right now I seem to be missing something. It is not printing out the pay stub that I make, although it is not clear what I am doing that is not correct. It just is not working, but why is something that I can not figure out just yet.

At any rate I am thinking about how much bigger this can grow without becoming very difficult to manage. Right now I am pretty fortunate in that I have been able to get my sister in law to do nearly all of the office work, in fact it is not so much of a burden to her. She can do it all without having to worry too much about it, while she is working a different job. Of course there is a girl who answers the phone for us, but she is not in an actual office. It is all done virtually and the whole time she is watching three kids at a home daycare. Obviously that is not ideal, but it is very cheap and that is what matters. In fact you do not spend much time answering my calls.